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At the Thornton Law Firm, our team is committed to representing individuals who have been wrongfully injured in trucking accidents. As a seasoned Galveston, Harris and Brazoria Counties personal injury attorney, David Thornton knows exactly what it takes to build a strong case that can result in the recovery of compensation.

Injuries resulting from a truck accident can be serious, and it is essential to ensure the legal team you are working with is one you can trust. As members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, we have proven our ability to help our clients recover their rightful compensation.

Common Contributors of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can weigh at least 25 times more than a normal passenger vehicle, which is why the resulting injuries are often much more serious than those of a typical car accident. It is the responsibility of the truck driver to be aware of the dangers that their large vehicles present, and to take precaution in order to avoid such dangers.

In addition to the large size and weight of commercial trucks, there are a number of other factors that can contribute to a trucking accident. In fact, driver error is 10 times more likely to be the cause of a truck accident—as opposed to other factors such as weather, road conditions, and vehicle performance. The use of prescription and over the counter drugs, speeding, distractions, and fatigue are all large contributors of truck accidents.

Truck drivers are often driving in long shifts, and at late hours of the night or early hours in the morning. For this reason, driver fatigue is a large contributor to truck accidents. Driving fatigued can slow down an individual's reaction time, and make them more negligent to traffic stops, signs, road conditions, and speed limits.

Proving Liability in a Truck Accident Claim

Due to a number of federal laws and regulations governing the trucking industry, there are set of standards by which trucking companies, owners, and drivers must abide. For this reason, there are a number of parties that may be found responsible for the injuries resulting from a truck accident. This is why it can be more difficult to determine liability in a truck accident claim.

The negligent party of a truck accident may be the:

  • •Truck driver
  • •Owner of the truck
  • •Person or company that leased the truck from the owner
  • •Manufacturer of the truck, brakes, tires, or any other part that contributed to the accident
  • •Shipper or loader of the cargo (if the case involves improper loading)

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